For inquiries regarding reservations, including cancellations, made through booking sites such as Agoda and Booking.com, please contact the sites directly.

Included in the adult and child rates (excluding preschool children) will be:

  • Room usage fee
  • Cleaning fee
  • Show viewing fee
  • BBQ equipment and food

We provide the following amenities:

  • Bath towels
  • Face towels
  • Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
  • Hair dryer

We are terribly sorry but the rooms are cleaned by few staff members, so we would like to set the Check-in time as 4:00 PM and the Check-out time as 10:00 AM.

We are terribly sorry, but we kindly request that you refrain from bringing pets with you for both overnight stays and day trips.

We are terribly sorry, but we kindly request that you refrain from bringing inflatable pools at our site.

You can bring and enjoy handheld fireworks at our site. However, the use of dangerous fireworks such as skyrockets and firecrackers is prohibited. Please make sure to clean up the fireworks debris yourself.

BBQ provided for both overnight and one-day plans are as follows:

  • One BBQ grill stand
  • A BBQ set for the number of guests (paper plates, chopsticks, wet towels, plastic wrap, kitchen tongs, insect repellent)
  • BBQ ingredients (assortment of 300g of beef, pork, and chicken, grilled chicken skewers, sausages, vegetables)

*No service available for toddlers.

BBQ will start around 6:00 pm after check-in at tables on the terrace and in the courtyard, and BBQ equipment will be set up at each table in advance so that guests can start eating at their own convenience.

The timetable for each show is as follows:

Oldies Dance Show

Break (about 15 minutes)

Dinosaur Adventure Show

*Please note that the start time is subject to change due to weather and other factors. Please be forewarned in advance.

The show will be presented in the event of rain. Meals will be served indoors, not on the terrace or in the courtyard. Please enjoy this special show that can only be seen on rainy days.

The show will be cancelled if it is determined that the show cannot be safely held due to a typhoon storm warning issued for the main island of Okinawa or inclement weather. If you have already checked in when the show is cancelled and wish to stay overnight, only the show admission fee will be refunded.

We are avaiable to perform Dinosaur shows and Oldies dance shows at your request. We have performed at many events in the past.

Please feel free to contact us below.


We can arrange the following plans for special occasions.

Free plan:A surprise performance during the shows
Paid plan:Balloon decorations for your room.

Stores around the accommodtaion.

<Convenience Store>
About 10 minutes walk.

<Super Markets>
*All located in Nago City, which is 20-30 minutes drive from the accommodation.

Beverages are not served and not sold in the facility either.
Please bring them yourselves.

We are sorry, rice cookers are not included in the facilities.

Cross the pedestrian crossing next to the entrance to Kibougaoka and go left, and then, you will see a small parking lot.
Keep going down the stairs and you will end up on a beach.

If there is no parent or guardian, or if there are only junior high school students and under, we cannot allow you to stay in our accommodation.
If you are high school students and above but under 20 years old, we require parental consent in written form. DOWNLOAD