Welcome to our entertainment cottage Villa from Okinawa

This is a unique accommodation in Onna-son, Okinawa in which you can enjoy barbecue dinner while watching a dance show or dinosaur show in the green outdoor garden.

Two good childhood friends travel back in time from the future to the Jurassic period! Various dinosaurs from baby dinosaurs to Raptors appear and everyone is in panic! The dinosaurs walking around so heroically in front of you are overwhelming! Not only children but also adults can enjoy the fantastic entertainment.



Cottage Type

Our Family-friendly Cottage is ideal for small children. The entire Cottage rental is equipped with a terrace and the play area in the garden. There are 4 Cottages in the same area. A maximum of 6 people per Cottage. If you book 4 Cottages, a maximum of 24 people can stay.


Condominium Type

Please enjoy your luxury time in the condominium with a spacious room of 68㎡ in Okinawa. Our Condominium has 2 private rooms with separate entrances. The price is 23,000 yen~ for a maximum of 6 People per Room. If you book with 1 Condominium (which is 2 Rooms), a maximum of 12 people can stay.

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